What is consular legalization in Kazakhstan

Here’s an excerpt from the Kazakhstan public services and information online system e.gov.

Consular legalization (hereinafter: legalization) involves verifying documents compliance with the applicable legislation of the receiving country and represents authentication of an executive’s signature and stamp on documents to use them in other country.

Legalization functions are performed by:

  • in foreign countries: by foreign missions of the Republic of Kazakhstan in other countries;
  • in the Republic of Kazakhstan: Consular Service Department under Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Documents and acts that contravene with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan or might harm the Republic of Kazakhstan interests or abuse honour and dignity of Kazakhstani citizens are not subject to legalization.       

The following does not subject to legalization:

  • ID documents, except birth certificates;
  • driver`s licenses;
  • military IDs, certificates of registration in the draft office;
  • other documents and acts stipulated by international treaties of the Republic of Kazakhstan and legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In foreign mission of the Republic of Kazakhstan in other countries, documents are legalized by consuls of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Under the instruction of a council, legislation can be performed by other consular staff.

A council accepts for legislation only documents and acts drawn up with participation of consular district authorities and certified by them or outgoing from them.

Read more: https://egov.kz/cms/en/articles/consular_legalization

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