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Conference interpreting/simultaneous translation services in Kazakhstan, Astana and Almaty

Conference interpreting/simultaneous translation services in Kazakhstan, specifically Astana and Almaty

Conference interpreting/simultaneous translation services in Kazakhstan, specifically Astana and Almaty, but let us first talk about what conference interpreting/simultaneous translation is.


Conference interpretation is conveying a message spoken in one language into another. It is practiced at international summits, professional seminars, and bilateral or multilateral meetings of heads of State and Government.

Conference interpreters also work at meetings between chief executives, social and union representatives, at congresses and meetings, and so on.

The skills of the conference interpreter

Interpreters must have complete mastery of their working languages, including an excellent command of their native language. They need an immediate grasp of their passive languages and a well-developed capacity to express themselves in their own language.

Another essential requirement is a good mind. Interpreters need

  • a good level of general education
  • a lively and flexible intellect
  • analytic capacity
  • the ability to put themselves in the minds of the people for whom they are interpreting.

They also need:

  • to be able to concentrate,
  • have a good memory,
  • have a pleasant voice and good diction,
  • be physically and mentally robust.

Interpreters need to be willing to travel, since their work often takes them a long way from home.

Rigour and professional confidentiality

Finally, whether they are freelance or staff, interpreters always have to deliver.
They have to be rigorous, not only in terms of getting the message across, but also in their everyday professional practice.

A professional conference interpreter is always well-prepared, is never late (even if the conference participants are), and above all has an absolute obligation to respect professional confidentiality.

What we offer:

What Bridging the Gaps, the translation agency in Astana, offers you:

  • A network of highly qualified conference interpreters (simultaneous translators) in Astana
  • Some interpreters are native both in Kazakh and Russian
  • They have a vast experience interpreting Heads of State and international organizations
  • Conference interpreters who specialize in certain fields, such as medicine, oil and gas, geology, law
  • Conference interpreters willing to travel to your destinations

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