Our translators/conference interpreters in Astana, Almaty and Kazakhstan

BG translation company has a large network of experienced translators and interpreters in Astana, Almaty and across Kazakhstan/Qazaqstan. 

We take pride in our translators and interpreters. Interpreting is as good as interpreters and their skills. Please meet our pride.


Mariya is among the strongest and well-known interpreters in Kazakhstan. She has interpreted for a variety of large-scale events featuring Heads of State, high officials and foreign guest VIPs.

Mariya has recently earned her Master of Policy degree with the European Union in Brussels.

She has interpreted for quite a number of EU and non-EU organizations including UNDP, UNESKO, UNICEF, WHO, EBRD, EUROBAK, Joint Commission International, USAID, IMF, ADB, SOC.

Languages: English (B) – Russian (A)
Based: in Astana
Travel outside: yes


Устный переводчик Ерлан


Eric is one of very well-known conference interpreters in Kazakhstan. He has a wealth of experience interpreting in the technical and medical fields.

Eric is MD and holds MPH degree with Boston University (USA).

In 2017, Eric has become a member of the International Association of Conference Interpreters well known in the interpreting world as AIIC (L’Association Internationale des Interprètes de Conférence) headquartered in Geneva.

Eric cooperates with the following international organizations: SOC, WHO, EBRD, EUROBAK, Joint Commission International, USAID, IMF, ADB, CDC, MSH, UNDP, UNESKO, UNICEF, USAID, IMF, to name a few.

Languages: English(B) – Russian /Kazakh (A)
Mandarin Chinese (B) – Russian /Kazakh(A)
Based: in Astana
Travel outside: yes


Our team





Champion in spoken translations, company mangement and finance. 

Oversees spoken translation matters and ensures financial well-being of the company.

The life and soul of the party.






Champion in written translations. 

Supervises translation-related matters, distributes translation materials between regular and freelance translators of the company.

Lion’s share and most heavy workload lies on his strong shoulders.






Champion in legal issues and records management.

Manages contracts and documentation.

Woman of confidence.





Champion in equipment for simultaneous interpretation.

Man of composure and promptness.

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