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This week our beautiful and incomparable city of Almaty hosted Biocodex Summit for the CIS countries. Bridging the Gaps the translation company in Almaty delivered simultaneous conference interpreting services during the event.

The client turned to our company to find highly qualified interpreters in Almaty that specialized in medical interpreting English to Russian/Kazakh and Russian/Kazakh to English.


The client even requested for the interpreters’ contacts so that they could personally verify their experience and expertise in the subject-matter. This comes as no surprise because medicine is the very kind of subject that not even the tenth well-prepared interpreter can handle. Having contacted our interpreters, the client was convinced of their expertise and competence, and made up her mind to work with us.


Since Bridging the Gaps the translation company incorporates a select group of professional interpreters with medical background that have a good many years of experience in conference interpreting, our medical interpreters Yerlan and Artem were deployed for the project.  As expected, our conference interpreters handled the project like a piece of cake.


The summit subject matter was extremely specialized, in particular, the summit discussed “New frontiers in the application of Saccharomyces boulardii CNCM I-745.”

Conference interpretation Kazakhstan

Conference interpretation Kazakhstan

Two intensive days of interpretation in simultaneous mode. Our medical interpreters talked about the micro-world – the world of microbes: bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi, and other microorganisms that inhabit our body. Just imagine, 90% of cells in the human body are made up of microorganisms and just 10% are our bodily cells. The weight of these microbes, also collectively referred to as the but microbiota, is about 1-2 kg!


That is what our interpreters found themselves confronted with.  They had to dive into the world of bacteria to understand it from inside. This amazing world of bacteria – our predecessors that came to life long before the human being..

Bridging the Gaps is pleased to deliver simultaneous conference interpreting services during such events while deploying experienced and highly qualified interpreters.


If you are planning a similar event to host overseas guests, we will be happy to assist you and provide you with quality interpretation services.

At the same time we will make sure you get best client experience throughout the event. While working with you, a dedicated coordinator will be helping you through the process:

  • constantly keep in touch and coordinate all the interpreters ,
  • obtain material for prepping,
  • make sure interpreters take sufficient time to prepare for the event in terms of mastering the subject matter,
  • respect information privacy,
  • prepare all supporting documents (contracts, bills, etc.) on an ongoing basis.


Also we will provide you with a professional photographer to do photo-shooting for pleasant memories ?


Oh, by the way, here are some sample interpreting videos by our interpreters. 

Medical translator/interpreter in Almaty at 7th international scientific and practical conference “Kaishibayev’s Lectures”

BG medical interpreter was invited to do simultaneous interpreting/conference interpreting in Almaty at an international conference on the 6th -7th October 2017.


Our translator had to fly from Astana to Almaty in order to render simultaneous translation services English to Russian and vice versa.


Our medical interpreter translated the eminent professor Nuri Ozgirgin at the conference. The professor flew all over from Turkey. He is a Professor at the “Bayandyr” Hospital in Ankara, ENT Department, President of EAONO – the European Association of Otology and Neurotology.


The professor introduced to audience international practices and “New horizons in diagnosis and management of Benign Paroxysmal Vestibular Vertigo” (BPPV).


Yerlan did two types of translation. During the morning session, the professor gave a talk, during which our translator did consecutive interpreting/spoken translation English to Russian.


After lunch, the professor continued to speak, but this time around it was En-Ru simultaneous translation that Yerlan had to handle.


The particularity of this event was that Yerlan had to translate synchronously on his own for 2 hours in a row. It is commonly known that simultaneous interpreting is carried out by at least two conference interpreters when they translate speakers for 15-20 minutes in the alternate mode.


But the customer insisted that it had to be just one translator. Why? you might wonder. This is because two interpreters’ knowledge base in a particular subject matter may differ greatly. The customer was guided precisely by this consideration in his urgency.


And since Yerlan had medical background (medical interpreter), the client went right for him.


And the BG team on its end is happy to help our clients with simultaneous interpretation not only in Astana and Almaty, but also in other cities of our beautiful homeland!