Simultaneous interpretation in Almaty. Conference interpreters and spoken translators in Almaty

Medical interpreter by the Bridging the Gaps Translation Center in at a large-scale medical conference in Almaty.


The month of September was marked with another significant event in the life of the medical community in Kazakhstan. The regular V International Congress Central Asian Gastroenterological Week-2017 was held in Almaty.

For four years back-to-back, our conference interpreter named Yerlan gets invited to render spoken translation services at this event. This is because Yerlan has unique set of skills both in conference interpreting and medical sciences.




Three intense days of medical translation. The most exciting moments of the translation, and extremely difficult, when a spoken translator has to overextend himself to understand what is it that is being conveyed to the audience, when the sound from the microphone is full of interfering noises, the acoustics is not there, the speaker’s English is not quiet good.


And sometimes two speakers deliver speech back-to-back, and the client wants one interpreter to do the translation for whatever reason.


So our interpreter sometimes had to interpret for an hour and a half without a pause. And it is no secret simultaneous translators routinely alternate every 20 minutes.


But the BG translation agency’s interpeters are so experienced that the medical interpreter was ready for the challenge and brilliantly coped with the task in specialized medical translation English to Russian and Russian to English.


The BG translation agency has translators with medical background. When there are medical conferences, our interpreters are there to do the job. And this greatly contributes to the success of such events.



If you are planning an event and you need highly qualified medical translators, we will be happy to help you!


Should you have any questions, please let us know.

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And now enjoy the pictures 🙂 

Our spoken translators rendered translation services during JCI accreditation

Our spoken translators in Astana successfully rendered quality translation services during JCI accreditation of the National Children’s Rehabilitation Center.

The accreditation took place between 7th and 10th August 2017. During the survey our lovely interpreters Sofiya and Eric accompanied their respective surveyors and helped ensure effective communication between the latter and the Center staff. The purpose of the survey was to determine to which extent the Center is compliant to the Joint Commission International standards – the standards for healthcare organizations across the globe to ensure quality care and patient safety.

Sofiya followed Dr. Nathan from the USA who mainly focused on facility safety standards. On their way around the Center facility Sofiya despite her femininity got easily on the roof of a building to see if the standards are followed there 🙂  Who knew how far this would take Sofiya! But she came prepared 😉

In the meantime, Eric followed Dr. Anna Miranda from Brazil and was mainly involved doing clinical standards.


What an amazing week! Not just for the Center staff and surveyors, but also the interpreters.

BTW, the National Children’s Rehabilitation Center passed the accreditation with ease. This was the Center’s second accreditation. The first one was back in 2014. Once again the Center proved to earn the title of the only JCI accredited children’s rehab centers in Central Asia. 

We – the BG team – would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Center’s team and leadership with another victory. Way to go!