Conference interpretation in Almaty with conference equipment for simultaneous interpretation

This week a team of conference interpreters of Russian and Kazakh by the translation company in Astana “Bridging the gaps” flew to Almaty and organized a workshop on tourism development in Almaty.

In order to make this event a success we pulled together a strong team of conference interpreter or simultaneous interpreters. Our interpreter Yerlan Nanarov who also happens to be the interpreter of Kazakh, flew to the workshop in Almaty and teamed up with his interpreting partner Artem.


Our team also provided this workshop with conference equipment for simultaneous interpretation. Headphones, interpreters’ booth, interpreter’s desk, receivers, central equipment, as many infrared sensors with headsets as needed, central control/display unit, transmitter, sending transducer, speakers.

This equipment is essential during such events for conference interpreters to do their job properly.

The event was hosted by the Department of Tourism and International Relations of Almaty. The Department invited a famous professor from New York, Ph.D. Lynn Minnaert who specialized in social tourism. During the workshop she talked about “Social tourism: a potential policy to reduce social exclusion?”

Professor Lynn Minnaert did an excellent job of delivering the message to the audience, though at times it was quite a challenge to keep up with her pace. It is obvious to those in the know and not so obvious to many that conference interpretation requires of speakers to go on an average pace in order to effectively convey the speakers’ message to the audience.  

As the event went on, professor Lynn Minnaert and our interpreters got on the same page in terms of pacing and non-verbal communication:-) As such, they made a great team with regard to getting the message across.

It is worth mentioning that occasionally people in the audience like to speak Kazakh as the official state language. Our translation company  accounts for such scenario too. This is why we flew Yerlan to cover this occasion when he needs to interpret Kazakh to English and English to Kazakh.

The workshop was held at the Kazakh National University named after Al Farabi. Professors and doctors of such a well-known university had the opportunity to learn the general state of the tourism industry around the globe, the specifics of tourism development in Almaty as well as state-of-the-art research techniques in the tourism industry.

The audience was extremely pleased with this workshop in general and the professor and her extensive knowledge and expertise in particular.

Moreover, the  audience was very much happy with the interpretation quality by our simultaneous interpreters. Some of them even went up to the interpreters and shook hands with our interpreters.

Well! We are very much delighted to see our customers satisfied.

Because we love what we do and love our customers!

And now we would like to share with you a photo gallery from the event. Pleasant viewing!



If you are planning an event in Kazakhstan and need conference interpretation services, feel free to shoot us an email and ask any questions.

We have dedicated coordinators who will respond to client needs promptly and on an ongoing basis.

The coordinators will:

  • be in touch with you at all times and coordinate the interpreters,
  • receive materials,
  • send preparation materials to conference interpreters for careful consideration,
  • make sure confidentiality of the information is respected,
  • prepare all supporting documents (contracts, bills, etc.) on an ongoing basis.

We will also send you a professional photographer who will be photo-shooting during the event and come up with a photo-report to share with you for pleasant memories 🙂

We are there to help you!

Simultaneous Interpretation Services and Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment for the Conference in Astana. Consecutive Interpreter

This week, a large US pharmaceutical company turned to our translation agency so that our company could provide a consecutive interpreter in Astana.

Initially, the company intended to invite simultaneous interpreters for the event, but due to organizational difficulties it was deemed unpractical at the last minute of preparation for the event.And we decided to limit ourselves to the services of an consecutive interpreter of our company.


This was complicated by the fact that simultaneous interpretation required simultaneous interpretation equipment – headphones with infrared sensors incorporated, interpreter’s booth, interpretr’s desk among other things. Since there was little time remaining, the decision was simple – contact us.  


Since the pharmaceutical industry is all about medicine, we invited our medical interpreter to render the service.

Our translation agency provides not only general interpreters, but also those who specialize by field. In addition to basic interpreting degree, they also earned their second degree in the field they specialize, e.g. medicine, engineering, or law.  

This is why the client chose to work with our translation agency in Astana and Almaty. Our medical interpreter Yerlan, by the way, astonished the client with his profound knowledge of the subject matter, namely, ophthalmology. Yerlan told the audience during the interpreting process what kind of nystagmus may occur when the anterior, lateral, or posterior semicircular canal of the bony labyrinth of the cochlear apparatus is affected.


This, indeed, takes your breath away! To know how the human organs function, what their structure is like, know what pathology arise when one or the other part of these organs is affected. Ah, what a feeling to be a connoisseur of everything and anything in the universe!?How ridiculous does it sound!  It is for a reason, scientia potentia est.


And now back to our project. The client was extremely pleased with our interpreter and promised to seek our services in 2018 for a good number of events. God bless our clients!

If you plan to hold an event hosting foreign guests, speakers, delegates, and need the interpretation services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We strive to provide the best client experience. In doing so we provide the most experienced and top-notch experts in the field – the interpreting craftsmen.We guarantee quality interpretation.


In addition, we will provide you with high-quality simultaneous interpretation equipment of the german make Bosch: microphones, interpreter’s booth, headphones, and everything you need.


As well as implement turn-key projects for you. Shoot us an email and we will get back with you promptly.

In doing so, we will provide quality service throughout the event. You will be supervised by a dedicated coordinator who will:

  • be in touch with you at all times and coordinate the translators,
  • receive materials from you and
  • send them to translators for careful study and preparation for the event,
  • while respecting the confidentiality of the information,
  • prepare all necessary documents (contracts, bills, etc.) on an ongoing basis.

As a bonus, we will provide you with photographer who will make a breathtaking photo-report at your event for pleasant memories 🙂 

In the meantime, enjoy the slideshow 🙂


Medical Simultaneous Translators in Astana at VII Eurasian Radiological Forum

BG team provided medical simultaneous translators in Astana at the VII Eurasian Radiological Forum took place on October the 10th -12th , 2017.


The primary objective of the forum was to discuss pressing issues of radiology, development of radiology and nuclear medicine services in Kazakhstan and new techniques in imaging diagnosis. Specific attention was brought to enhancing effectiveness in diagnosing socially significant disease (cardiac and vascular abnormality, pulmonary tuberculosis, breast cancer, musculoskeletal diseases osteoporosis and radiation safety).


This forum was timed to coincide with the 80th anniversary of the legendary Kazakh academician Khamzabayev Zhangali Khamzabayevich and the 40th anniversary of the Kazakh Radiological Society.


The event was marked with speech by the Vice-Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan Lyazzat Aktayeva, the President of the Kazakh Radiological Society Raushan Rakhimzhanova, the Senior Specialist in imaging diagnosis of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the member of the European Society of Cardiology, the European Society of Radiology, member of the Radiological Society of North America, Vice-President of the European School of Radiologists in Astana Dautov Tairkhan Bekpolatovich as well as well-known radiologists from Korea, China, Austria, the Switzerland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Russia, and others.


Also, the forum hosted a symposium of friendship between the Korean and Kazakh Radiological Society for cardiothoracic imaging during which Kazakh and Korean experts shared their invaluable experience.


This time around the BG company acted as a provider of equipment rental services and conference services and simultaneous interpretation services.


Our team provided everything necessary for the event, specifically the simultaneous interpretation equipment (interpreter’s desk, interpretation desk, interpreter booth, engineer), receivers, desk microphones, slide projector with screen, sound amplification (speakers), speaker’s stand.


The BG company also provided spoken simultaneous interpreters in Astana in the English-Russian language pair.


During the 2 days of the forum, about 44 speakers gave talk. One can imagine what the pace of work was and at what speed the speakers had to talk to share their multiple years of experience within just 15 minutes.


And this meant some strain on our medical translators. But it was all the same for our interpreters. BG translators have seen much more.


During the event, the simultaneous interpretation equipment worked smoothly and like clockwork. The peculiarity of the forum was that this time around the client requested to install euro-booth for the interpreters (a fully enclosed booth) and not a desk booth, as was the case at previous forums. The interpreter’s booth provided complete sound and noise insulation for interpreters and the audience.


The BG team was pleased to act as a partner in holding such an important event in the professional life of Kazakhstani and foreign radiologists.


And the most important thing is the satisfaction and gratitude of our client. As the President of the Kazakh Radiological Society Raushan Ibzhanovna Rakhimzhanova put it: «This is the first time that we had such a high level of simultaneous translation and setting up equipment for simultaneous translation. I want to thank you for the excellent work!»


Number of participants: 300 people.

Number of simultaneous translators Astana: 2.

The equipment involved: simultaneous interpretation equipment (interpreter’s desk, interpretation desk, interpreter booth, engineer), receivers, desk microphones, slide projector with screen, sound amplification (speakers), speaker’s stand).