Conference interpreters Almaty. English into Russian/Kazakh medical interpreters. Conference interpreting services in medicine


This week our beautiful and incomparable city of Almaty hosted Biocodex Summit for the CIS countries. Bridging the Gaps the translation company in Almaty delivered simultaneous conference interpreting services during the event.

The client turned to our company to find highly qualified interpreters in Almaty that specialized in medical interpreting English to Russian/Kazakh and Russian/Kazakh to English.


The client even requested for the interpreters’ contacts so that they could personally verify their experience and expertise in the subject-matter. This comes as no surprise because medicine is the very kind of subject that not even the tenth well-prepared interpreter can handle. Having contacted our interpreters, the client was convinced of their expertise and competence, and made up her mind to work with us.


Since Bridging the Gaps the translation company incorporates a select group of professional interpreters with medical background that have a good many years of experience in conference interpreting, our medical interpreters Yerlan and Artem were deployed for the project.  As expected, our conference interpreters handled the project like a piece of cake.


The summit subject matter was extremely specialized, in particular, the summit discussed “New frontiers in the application of Saccharomyces boulardii CNCM I-745.”

Conference interpretation Kazakhstan

Conference interpretation Kazakhstan

Two intensive days of interpretation in simultaneous mode. Our medical interpreters talked about the micro-world – the world of microbes: bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi, and other microorganisms that inhabit our body. Just imagine, 90% of cells in the human body are made up of microorganisms and just 10% are our bodily cells. The weight of these microbes, also collectively referred to as the but microbiota, is about 1-2 kg!


That is what our interpreters found themselves confronted with.  They had to dive into the world of bacteria to understand it from inside. This amazing world of bacteria – our predecessors that came to life long before the human being..

Bridging the Gaps is pleased to deliver simultaneous conference interpreting services during such events while deploying experienced and highly qualified interpreters.


If you are planning a similar event to host overseas guests, we will be happy to assist you and provide you with quality interpretation services.

At the same time we will make sure you get best client experience throughout the event. While working with you, a dedicated coordinator will be helping you through the process:

  • constantly keep in touch and coordinate all the interpreters ,
  • obtain material for prepping,
  • make sure interpreters take sufficient time to prepare for the event in terms of mastering the subject matter,
  • respect information privacy,
  • prepare all supporting documents (contracts, bills, etc.) on an ongoing basis.


Also we will provide you with a professional photographer to do photo-shooting for pleasant memories ?


Oh, by the way, here are some sample interpreting videos by our interpreters. 

Oral consecutive interpreter in Astana during international accreditation of healthcare organization

The Center for Translations in Astana Bridging the Gaps provided a top-notch consecutive interpreter for the international accreditation of the National Cardiac Surgery Center in Astana.


Our loyal customer in the name of the National Cardiac Surgery Center once again turned to our translation center so that we send our consecutive medical interpreter for translation during the international accreditation of the National Cardiac Surgery Center.


The National Cardiac Surgery Center was accredited as the only center in the world, with the exception of the United States, which performs heart transplantation and blood circulation mechanical support.


The Joint International Commission staff (JCI) admitted that the National Cardiac Surgery Center is the first in the history of the JCI center to apply for accreditation in such highly specialized areas.

Yes, you heard it right. Our cardiac surgeons are the best! They advance by leaps and bounds, ahead of the curve. Isn’t it the reason to rejoice over our medicine and the doctors who advance it!


On behalf of our translation center, we would like to express special thanks and obeisance to Yuri Vladimirovich Pyа – a man with a big name – for his invaluable contribution to the development of national cardiac surgery. We would also like to thank Mahabbat Sansyzbaevna and Gulmira Sabdenbekovna as well as the whole team at the cardiac surgery center for their work. We bow low to you!

By the way, they passed the accreditation with flying colors. It could not have been otherwise.


It should be noted that effective consecutive interpretation is key to effective communication. Our translators are not only professionals in translation and interpretation, they also know the specifics of the field in which they translate or translate. Therefore, the contribution of a good interpreter to the success of the event as a whole, and effective communication in particular, cannot be overstated.


We, on the other hand, the team of translators and BG employees, are pleased to once again become a part of such a small victory in our medicine.


If you need world class interpreters in Astana, Almaty or any place in Kazakhstan, please do not hesitate to contact our translation center! We will be more than happy to assist you.


And now enjoy the photos 🙂

Simultaneous interpretation in Almaty. Conference interpreters and spoken translators in Almaty

Medical interpreter by the Bridging the Gaps Translation Center in at a large-scale medical conference in Almaty.


The month of September was marked with another significant event in the life of the medical community in Kazakhstan. The regular V International Congress Central Asian Gastroenterological Week-2017 was held in Almaty.

For four years back-to-back, our conference interpreter named Yerlan gets invited to render spoken translation services at this event. This is because Yerlan has unique set of skills both in conference interpreting and medical sciences.




Three intense days of medical translation. The most exciting moments of the translation, and extremely difficult, when a spoken translator has to overextend himself to understand what is it that is being conveyed to the audience, when the sound from the microphone is full of interfering noises, the acoustics is not there, the speaker’s English is not quiet good.


And sometimes two speakers deliver speech back-to-back, and the client wants one interpreter to do the translation for whatever reason.


So our interpreter sometimes had to interpret for an hour and a half without a pause. And it is no secret simultaneous translators routinely alternate every 20 minutes.


But the BG translation agency’s interpeters are so experienced that the medical interpreter was ready for the challenge and brilliantly coped with the task in specialized medical translation English to Russian and Russian to English.


The BG translation agency has translators with medical background. When there are medical conferences, our interpreters are there to do the job. And this greatly contributes to the success of such events.



If you are planning an event and you need highly qualified medical translators, we will be happy to help you!


Should you have any questions, please let us know.

+7 702 461 38 14

+7 707 859 98 96


And now enjoy the pictures 🙂 

Conference interpretation in Almaty and Astana. Licensed medical interpreter in Kazakhstan

Our loyal customer in interpretation in Almaty has requested that we provide medical interpreter English to Russian and vice versa.

This event – the presentation of the new medication – took place in two cities – Almaty and Astana. As a matter of course, the team BG deployed our medical interpreter, a physician to fulfill this pleasant mission.  


The workshop was on neuropathic pain and its treatment. A world-renown professor from Turkey was invited to talk about the new medication. He spoke about his experience in the treatment of neuropathic pain and application of a very effective drug.


The audience listened very attentively to the lecturer, the students asked a lot of questions.


Language translation this time took the form of consecutive interpreting from English into Russian and vice versa.

With regard to consecutive interpretation, it is often said this format of interpretation is easier than simultenaous interpretation. This iis true, but to a certain extent. To the extent that the translator has not learned how to do simultaneous interpretation.


If you ask current interpreters what kind of interpretation is more complicated, you can often hear the response consecutive one. Often they attribute this to the need to memorize words and sentences as long as the speaker continues to deliver his/her speech. And often the speaker tends to forget there is an interpreter who needs to remember what was said and convey the message in another language. On the other hand, during conference interpreting or simulteneous interpreting one does not to do that, the interpreter only translates phrase by phrase.

It appears if the current interpreters think so,  there must be something to it.

Medical translation

So the medical translator provided by the translation agency BG in Astana and Almaty did his job with flying colors!




If you happen to need a highly qualified medical interpreter, we will be more that happy to assist you.

Just give us a call.

+7 702 461 38 14 +7 707 859 98 96

As always, enjoy the pictures.   

Medical Simultaneous Translators in Astana at VII Eurasian Radiological Forum

BG team provided medical simultaneous translators in Astana at the VII Eurasian Radiological Forum took place on October the 10th -12th , 2017.


The primary objective of the forum was to discuss pressing issues of radiology, development of radiology and nuclear medicine services in Kazakhstan and new techniques in imaging diagnosis. Specific attention was brought to enhancing effectiveness in diagnosing socially significant disease (cardiac and vascular abnormality, pulmonary tuberculosis, breast cancer, musculoskeletal diseases osteoporosis and radiation safety).


This forum was timed to coincide with the 80th anniversary of the legendary Kazakh academician Khamzabayev Zhangali Khamzabayevich and the 40th anniversary of the Kazakh Radiological Society.


The event was marked with speech by the Vice-Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan Lyazzat Aktayeva, the President of the Kazakh Radiological Society Raushan Rakhimzhanova, the Senior Specialist in imaging diagnosis of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the member of the European Society of Cardiology, the European Society of Radiology, member of the Radiological Society of North America, Vice-President of the European School of Radiologists in Astana Dautov Tairkhan Bekpolatovich as well as well-known radiologists from Korea, China, Austria, the Switzerland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Russia, and others.


Also, the forum hosted a symposium of friendship between the Korean and Kazakh Radiological Society for cardiothoracic imaging during which Kazakh and Korean experts shared their invaluable experience.


This time around the BG company acted as a provider of equipment rental services and conference services and simultaneous interpretation services.


Our team provided everything necessary for the event, specifically the simultaneous interpretation equipment (interpreter’s desk, interpretation desk, interpreter booth, engineer), receivers, desk microphones, slide projector with screen, sound amplification (speakers), speaker’s stand.


The BG company also provided spoken simultaneous interpreters in Astana in the English-Russian language pair.


During the 2 days of the forum, about 44 speakers gave talk. One can imagine what the pace of work was and at what speed the speakers had to talk to share their multiple years of experience within just 15 minutes.


And this meant some strain on our medical translators. But it was all the same for our interpreters. BG translators have seen much more.


During the event, the simultaneous interpretation equipment worked smoothly and like clockwork. The peculiarity of the forum was that this time around the client requested to install euro-booth for the interpreters (a fully enclosed booth) and not a desk booth, as was the case at previous forums. The interpreter’s booth provided complete sound and noise insulation for interpreters and the audience.


The BG team was pleased to act as a partner in holding such an important event in the professional life of Kazakhstani and foreign radiologists.


And the most important thing is the satisfaction and gratitude of our client. As the President of the Kazakh Radiological Society Raushan Ibzhanovna Rakhimzhanova put it: «This is the first time that we had such a high level of simultaneous translation and setting up equipment for simultaneous translation. I want to thank you for the excellent work!»


Number of participants: 300 people.

Number of simultaneous translators Astana: 2.

The equipment involved: simultaneous interpretation equipment (interpreter’s desk, interpretation desk, interpreter booth, engineer), receivers, desk microphones, slide projector with screen, sound amplification (speakers), speaker’s stand).


Spoken translators at the first Kazakh Social Workers Forum in Astana

The first Kazakh Social Workers Forum took place in Astana on September the 21st and 22nd, 2017.


The Forum primarily aimed at building on the experience of social workers in protecting the population from social hardships and determining fundamental dimensions of the industry, strengthening and recognizing the role and contribution of social workers in today’s society.


The Forum embraced over 2 000 participants, including international experts from Great Britain, Serbia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Russia, Georgia. The event welcomed representatives with the Parliament of Kazakhstan, the Government of Kazakhstan, central and local executive bodies, educational institutions and non-governmental organizations.


Practitioners, scientists, public and political figures from around the world had the opportunity to discuss and find ways to enhance social workers’ competences and authority. In doing so, they took into account the particularities of remote areas, paid much attention to state-of-the-art technology to render professional assistance to people with disabilities, elderly, homeless, victims of domestic violence, and human traffic victims.


The forum touched upon the experience and prospects for advancing social work in the penitentiary system and health care sector, as well as new mechanisms and opportunities for interdepartmental and intersectoral cooperation in implementing the social policy.


The BG team did not stand aside and were actively engaged in delivering best service possible when it came to rendering consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services at this much significant social event in Kazakhstan.


As part of Forum activities, our spoken translators went to the so called Crisis Centers for social services, the Center that provided shelter to those who found themselves in a difficult position due to violence or threat of violence. Our translators interpreted for international experts and ensured smooth communication English to Russian and Russian to English.


Our team also did simultaneous translation in the Congress Center and Palace of Independence at the plenary session of the Forum.


Our interpreters simultaneously translated such prominent personalities as the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population of Kazakhstan Tamara Duisenova, the Secretary of State of the Republic of Kazakhstan Gulshara Abdykalikova, the Permanent Coordinator of the United Nations in the Republic of Kazakhstan Norimas Shimomur and representatives with the Government and the Majilis of the Parliament.


The client was extremely pleased with quality translation our translators group provided. Bridging the Gaps team is very much proud to become part of such a significant event in the country!


Number of participants at the Forum over 2k .

Number of spoken consecutive and simultaneous translators involved 10 translators.