Translator Almaty. Simultaneous translator English Kazakh Russian


Today Almaty hosted the 6th Eurasian Congress on Aesthetic Surgery.BG translation firm provided a simultaneous medical translator interpreter for a company which turned to us in search for a highly specialized translator with medical background for the Eurasian Congress on Aesthetic Surgery.


The translation involved English to Russian and Russian to English simultaneous translation using simultaneous interpretation equipment.


Our company employs highly qualified translators and interpreters that specialize in law, finance and economics, oil and gas, engineering, education and culture, mining, marketing, political science, tourism and sports, television, and medicine.


Therefore, we happily deployed our medical interpreter for this project.

As a rule of thumb, when preparing for such events, we request materials from a client to hand over to an interpreter for thorough preparation.

But this time around the client told us that there was no material whatsoever as the lecturer treated the information strictly confidential.


For this reason, our translator did not have the opportunity to get acquainted with the subject matter of the project and relied strictly on his medical knowledge and experience of simultaneous interpretation, English to Russian and vice versa.


Nevertheless, the simultaneous medical interpreter in Almaty with BG coped with the job and got off with a whole skin.


By the way, the subject of the event was rhinoplasty.

Simultaneous translator Almaty

Simultaneous translator Almaty

If you are planning a similar event to host overseas guests, we will be happy to assist you and deliver quality simultaneous translation services.

Moreover, we will make sure you get the best client experience at the completion of the event. While working with you, a dedicated coordinator will be helping you throughout the process:

  • constantly keep in touch and coordinate all the interpreters ,
  • obtain material for prepping,
  • make sure interpreters take sufficient time to prepare for the event in terms of mastering the subject matter,
  • respect information privacy,
  • prepare all supporting documents (contracts, bills, etc.) on an ongoing basis.


As a bonus, we will give you a photographer , who will make a wonderful photo-report of your event for pleasant memories of the event.



Also, here is a excerpt from the event with our simultaneous translator Yerlan Nanarov in action.   

Simultaneous translation services in Almaty. Spoken simultaneous translation of speech at conference


The Ministry of Information and Communication of the Republic of Kazakhstan turned to us for the simultaneous translation/interpretation services Russian to English and Kazakh to English. The Ministry requested that we organize simultaneous translation for their event in Almaty and invite most experienced simultaneous translators in our country.


ITU Interpreters

ITU Interpreters

Our interpreters in Almaty shared their unforgettable impression during the workshop.  It would seem what is so difficult about IT? This is no medicine, no oil & gas, no mining.


Little did they know that was not the case with this event. The challenge was when speakers spoke technical jargon in the information and communication technology field. For instance, they talked about broadband, mobile broadband, fixed-line broadband, the IDI index , and various technical parameters of fiber-optic conductivity.


To top it off, the speakers began to talk about various mathematical calculations in statistics using weighting coefficients. It would get intense at times!


But our translators had come prepared. The took sufficient time to brush up on the subject-matter and took the event seriously as they always do. Therefore, our English to Russian translators coped with the job with flying colors. 

Simultaneous translation Almaty

Simultaneous translation Almaty

By the way, one of our simultaneous translators happens to have excellent command of Kazakh. As such, he occasionally has to perform the role of Kazakh/Qazaq to English and English to Kazakh/Qazaq translator/interpreter.


It so happens often times that some in the audience choose to speak Qazaq as their primary means of communication since Qazaq is the official state language in Qazaqstan. And it is no secret to many that there are very few Qazaq to English translators in Qazaqstan. But that is a different topic in itself. 


Back to our story. The Ministry was extremely pleased with the quality simultaneous translation that was delivered by our translators during the workshop.


At the end of the event, representatives with the presidium extended their gratitude to our Russian English translators for such a high-quality translation. 

The team of BG is once again glad and proud to take part in such an interesting event.We, too, extend our gratitude to the Ministry of Information and Communications for the trust in delivering the event with simultaneous translation.


If you need quality translators English to Russian and Russian to English in Almaty or any part of Kazakhstan, feel free to shoot us an email.  Team BG is always there to help you!


We are reachable by either phone or email:

+7 702 461 38 14

+7 707 859 98 96


As always, enjoy the pictures of the event?

Medical Simultaneous Translators in Astana at VII Eurasian Radiological Forum

BG team provided medical simultaneous translators in Astana at the VII Eurasian Radiological Forum took place on October the 10th -12th , 2017.


The primary objective of the forum was to discuss pressing issues of radiology, development of radiology and nuclear medicine services in Kazakhstan and new techniques in imaging diagnosis. Specific attention was brought to enhancing effectiveness in diagnosing socially significant disease (cardiac and vascular abnormality, pulmonary tuberculosis, breast cancer, musculoskeletal diseases osteoporosis and radiation safety).


This forum was timed to coincide with the 80th anniversary of the legendary Kazakh academician Khamzabayev Zhangali Khamzabayevich and the 40th anniversary of the Kazakh Radiological Society.


The event was marked with speech by the Vice-Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan Lyazzat Aktayeva, the President of the Kazakh Radiological Society Raushan Rakhimzhanova, the Senior Specialist in imaging diagnosis of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the member of the European Society of Cardiology, the European Society of Radiology, member of the Radiological Society of North America, Vice-President of the European School of Radiologists in Astana Dautov Tairkhan Bekpolatovich as well as well-known radiologists from Korea, China, Austria, the Switzerland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Russia, and others.


Also, the forum hosted a symposium of friendship between the Korean and Kazakh Radiological Society for cardiothoracic imaging during which Kazakh and Korean experts shared their invaluable experience.


This time around the BG company acted as a provider of equipment rental services and conference services and simultaneous interpretation services.


Our team provided everything necessary for the event, specifically the simultaneous interpretation equipment (interpreter’s desk, interpretation desk, interpreter booth, engineer), receivers, desk microphones, slide projector with screen, sound amplification (speakers), speaker’s stand.


The BG company also provided spoken simultaneous interpreters in Astana in the English-Russian language pair.


During the 2 days of the forum, about 44 speakers gave talk. One can imagine what the pace of work was and at what speed the speakers had to talk to share their multiple years of experience within just 15 minutes.


And this meant some strain on our medical translators. But it was all the same for our interpreters. BG translators have seen much more.


During the event, the simultaneous interpretation equipment worked smoothly and like clockwork. The peculiarity of the forum was that this time around the client requested to install euro-booth for the interpreters (a fully enclosed booth) and not a desk booth, as was the case at previous forums. The interpreter’s booth provided complete sound and noise insulation for interpreters and the audience.


The BG team was pleased to act as a partner in holding such an important event in the professional life of Kazakhstani and foreign radiologists.


And the most important thing is the satisfaction and gratitude of our client. As the President of the Kazakh Radiological Society Raushan Ibzhanovna Rakhimzhanova put it: «This is the first time that we had such a high level of simultaneous translation and setting up equipment for simultaneous translation. I want to thank you for the excellent work!»


Number of participants: 300 people.

Number of simultaneous translators Astana: 2.

The equipment involved: simultaneous interpretation equipment (interpreter’s desk, interpretation desk, interpreter booth, engineer), receivers, desk microphones, slide projector with screen, sound amplification (speakers), speaker’s stand).


Spoken translators at the first Kazakh Social Workers Forum in Astana

The first Kazakh Social Workers Forum took place in Astana on September the 21st and 22nd, 2017.


The Forum primarily aimed at building on the experience of social workers in protecting the population from social hardships and determining fundamental dimensions of the industry, strengthening and recognizing the role and contribution of social workers in today’s society.


The Forum embraced over 2 000 participants, including international experts from Great Britain, Serbia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Russia, Georgia. The event welcomed representatives with the Parliament of Kazakhstan, the Government of Kazakhstan, central and local executive bodies, educational institutions and non-governmental organizations.


Practitioners, scientists, public and political figures from around the world had the opportunity to discuss and find ways to enhance social workers’ competences and authority. In doing so, they took into account the particularities of remote areas, paid much attention to state-of-the-art technology to render professional assistance to people with disabilities, elderly, homeless, victims of domestic violence, and human traffic victims.


The forum touched upon the experience and prospects for advancing social work in the penitentiary system and health care sector, as well as new mechanisms and opportunities for interdepartmental and intersectoral cooperation in implementing the social policy.


The BG team did not stand aside and were actively engaged in delivering best service possible when it came to rendering consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services at this much significant social event in Kazakhstan.


As part of Forum activities, our spoken translators went to the so called Crisis Centers for social services, the Center that provided shelter to those who found themselves in a difficult position due to violence or threat of violence. Our translators interpreted for international experts and ensured smooth communication English to Russian and Russian to English.


Our team also did simultaneous translation in the Congress Center and Palace of Independence at the plenary session of the Forum.


Our interpreters simultaneously translated such prominent personalities as the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population of Kazakhstan Tamara Duisenova, the Secretary of State of the Republic of Kazakhstan Gulshara Abdykalikova, the Permanent Coordinator of the United Nations in the Republic of Kazakhstan Norimas Shimomur and representatives with the Government and the Majilis of the Parliament.


The client was extremely pleased with quality translation our translators group provided. Bridging the Gaps team is very much proud to become part of such a significant event in the country!


Number of participants at the Forum over 2k .

Number of spoken consecutive and simultaneous translators involved 10 translators.